Since the founding of VIM in 1984, we have found that the lower class rural Chilean pastors we work with often first encountered the Lord at a large evangelism event well over a decade ago. Having been invited by word of mouth as the leader of a village, these men and women walked for days if not weeks to see what the event was all about. While there they encountered the Living God powerfully, and for several days heard of His goodness and mercy.

After accepting Jesus, being handed a Bible, and receiving prayer from an event volunteer, these men and women return to their villages as ambassadors of Christ. Many have difficulty reading, and few have a strong Biblical basis from which to effectively teach. Without support, follow up, or denominational oversight, these young Christians are all too often alone in their walk and calling.

VIM field missionaries seek out these rural pastors and leaders with a ministry of encouragement, prayer, networking, and to help equip them in their call to reach their people. Since many have neither access to, nor funding to afford ministry training and educational materials, VIM brings to each village a rotation of DVD classes and other written materials to leave behind, based on the vision and needs of the local leader.